Hei and Welcome!

3 Feb

Just trying to get a quick post in to see how this works before my MiniMoose wakes up…

I’ve been wanting to have a blog now for a while, I guess that’s just the thing to have these days. I do have another blog on my shop’s page but that is different – it’s to promote the shop and not for all sort of rambling.

Hope I’ll find time to keep this blog updated since with the online shop and 18-month-old I feel that my hands are quite full…

I’m hoping to write about all things Finnish (my home country), about baby/toddler things, and shopping (there are sooo many cool little shops online, not just mine) to start with!

I haven’t got a smart phone mind and therefore my photos (if I get any uploaded) are not that cool, but we’ll see how it goes!


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