Launching Hei Moose

3 Feb

I thought I’d introduce my online shop straight away and then get on with other things.

The idea of Hei Moose was actually my husband’s idea. I used to buy all MiniMoose’s clothes from Finland which then got lots of attention in the UK. My husband suggested why not turn my ‘little’ shopping habit into a business. I had my doubts about it but my husband aka MrMoose was very encouraging.

Hei Moose was launched last October after 9 months of preparing, planning, designing and general chaos. During the process I also broke my leg and spent 3 months on my mum’s couch in Finland healing it and writing product descriptions.

The plan was to launch The Moose in September which meant that the Autumn collections had to be ordered in January. In addition to this the site planning, navigation etc took a couple of months and zillions of emails between me, my graphic designer and a web programmer.

One of the most challenging parts of the process – well in addition to learn to hobble with crutches – was to decide on a name for the shop. I remember that evening when the graphic designer came around for branding briefing and we ended up brain storming names and my husband finally came up with Hei Moose i.e Hello Moose to combine Finnish ‘hi’ and Nordic icon ‘moose’. Also the name is meant to be short, snappy and memorable!

Running the shop has been great fun. It has its up and downs but I like some things (like browsing collections, going to fairs etc) more than others (VAT returns, accounting). It is also my own project and gives me something else to think in addition to being a SAHM.



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