Dior Extase Mascara

5 Feb

I’m a mummy on a budget to be frank, but one thing I insist on having is a Dior Mascara! I do think it’s true that people on budget cannot afford buy cheap products! And mascara is definitely one of those things – cheap brands make me look like a panda bear within hours and as most of time I dress in the dark (so it seems) and I’m covered in all sort of baby ‘stuff’ this is the thing that reminds me of my previous life…

I’ve trusted Dior Show mascara range now for many years and this probably isn’t the latest addition to the Dior family, but for me it works as well as a mascara can. I do have straight, stubborn, ground facing, thin colour lacking lashes, but after applying a layer of the mascara and using my fingers to ‘curl’ my lashes (I look downward and lift my lashes with my fingers)  my lashes do seem transformed. I’m not saying that I get a false eyelash look – far from it, but for me this is a success!

I don’t like eye lash curlers and like my mum says, they do cut eye lashes shorter with time… But with this mascara, there is no need for eye lash curlers as it seems to do the trick with fingers (or maybe you’re lucky and have naturally curly lashes).

I only wish I had eyelashes like MrMoose and I’m very pleased that I haven’t passed on my pig eye lash dna on to MiniMoose!

Dior’s Diorshow Extase Mascara retails at around £19-22.

I’ve previously also used Diorshow Iconic and Diorshow and been happy with them too.


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