Polarn o Pyret

10 Feb

In Finland, kids go out everyday whatever the weather, especially if in a nursery. I believe that in a nursery they go out twice per day and all kids have to have appropriate clothes for outdoors. Therefore it’s not a surprise that there are many fabulous and practical Nordic outdoor clothing labels. One of my favourites is Polarn o Pyret that also has an UK webshop!

Swedish Polarn o Pyret (P.o.P)  is one of the top children’s brands in Finland and their sales are hugely popular. I got MiniMoose a ‘between-seasons’ overall last Summer for this winter. Between Seasons suit is what the children usually wear in Finland for Spring and Autumn and I thought that would be perfect for British Winter. And so far it’s been brilliant. We use layers to make it warmer when it’s freezing and then less layers when milder! The suit is wind and rain proof and has reflectors, proper hood, straps under feet, adjustable waistband and cool design – perfect!

P.o.P Overall (similar to what MiniMoose has)

Another Nordic must is a neck warmer. This hand over the head ‘collar’ is very practical and stays in place. MiniMoose’s neck warmer has been attracting attention and queries as to where to get them from. At least H&M and Polarn o Pyret do those – perfect for the nasty weather outside!

Psst. Sometimes there are great P.oP finds on ebay.co.uk!


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