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Finnish Classic Bike: JoPo

31 Mar

Last Summer in Finland I had a flash back from the 80’s. The very basic JoPo from the 80’s seemed to be either parked at every corner or someone was just riding a JoPo past me.

Green JoPo Finnish Design Shop

I remember JoPo bikes from the 80’s. My mum had a blue JoPo and I got lifts on JoPo too.  JoPos were very basic back in those days and nothing special – at least in my opinion. With no gears and 24″ wheels there was nothing exciting about them. At some point, unfortunately, our blue JoPo was stolen and I forgot about them. Until last Summer when I saw upgraded funky JoPos everywhere and started to want and most importantly need one too. There are JoPos for children too!

Yellow JoPo, Urban Bike Store

JoPos manufacturer, Finnish company Helkama relaunched “EveryMan’s” bikes aka “Jokamiehen Pyora” in 2000 again and they have been hugely popular. With easily adjustable seat and handlebar every man and woman can ride a JoPo. Available in many funky colours the JoPos have certain retro look and appeal and trendy young Finns love to be seen with their JoPos out and about.

Children's JoPo

JoPos have been even given as wedding presents, and when an old friend of mine moved to Geneva few years ago, his wife started her own mumpreneur shop, Urban Bike Store, importing and selling JoPos to the Swiss!

EveryMan's Bike, JoPo, Urban Bike Store

Unfortunately there are no JoPo shops in the UK at the moment but Finnish Design Shop sells them for €419. And obviously there is Riikka’s online shop in Geneva too!


Finnish Lush Labels: Vallila Interior

28 Mar

I’m in Finland at the moment and of course I’m drinking Jaffa here. Jaffa is a legendary Finnish fizzy drink like Fanta, just that it is nicer and as the legend goes the yellow Jaffa cures upset stomachs and even nasty hangovers. That’s no news though, what is news is that Finnish Design company Vallila Interior‘s Jaffa fabrics seem to be now everywhere.

Jaffa Print by Vallila

Therefore I had to take a closer look and I discovered more beautiful textiles and interiors materials from cushions to wall papers. And Vallila interiors doesn’t stop there, they also offer interior design services and have many famous Finnish spaces under their belt, such as the funky GLO Hotel in the middle of Helsinki. Vallila Interiors have been awarded the key flag symbol for its Finnish designs.

Merituuli Ready Made Curtain by Vallila

My favourites of their collections are obvioulsy the Jaffa fabrics but also the fabrics that feature beautiful Finnish nature and buildings from  my home town Helsinki!

Bulevardi (Helsinki) fabric by Vallila

Tähtitorni (Helsinki) fabric

Pääskylä Ready Made Curtain

Vallila fabrics have recently become available in the UK too at the All Modern online shop and they seem to have free delivery on Vallila products.

Jaffa Cushion Cover

Top 10 Shower Curtain


Fairy Tale Clothes by Tinttu

23 Mar

A friend of mine asked me this week if Finland was famous for trolls. My mind went blank for a moment and I couldn’t think of any other trolls than the Finnish Moomin trolls – which by the way many people don’t realise are from Finland.

Well, then I stumbled across this fairy tale Finnish web shop Tinttu that offers a range of children’s clothing that really gets the children’s imagination going. From hats to outdoor clothes, bumble bees, dragons, foxes and trolls are all catered for! On Facebook Tinttu seems to have over 10 000 followers which goes to show that the Finns love their trolls!

Fox Velour Overall €15.01 (sale)

Fox Dress (Front) €18.50 (sale)

Fox Dress (back)

Bumble Bee Overall €15.01 (sale)

Troll Trousers €8.50 (sale)

Tinttu shop delivers to the European countries and Russia.

Burp! Boutique

19 Mar

It’s no secret that I’m a huge fan of the Burp! Boutique. Burp! Boutique shares the same idea with Hei Moose of offering cool colourful clothes other than pink and blue and oh boy do they have some cool gear for babies and kids up to 3-year-olds.

Rolling Stones Babygrow £18

But Burp! Boutique isn’t just cool clothes with funky prints, there is also a funky selection of toys, books, prints!

Please Stop Crying Dummy Holder £10

Like Hei Moose, Burp Boutique was founded in 2011 and its cool clothes and toy collections have been seen in Vogue, Elite Magazine and The I Paper. I’m constantly drooling over their Swedish Moccis collection, as seen in my earlier post in February.

In addition to the Moccis, my favourties for MiniMoose are:

Beep Beep Travel Blanket £26

Green Big Star Hoodie £25 by Boys&Girls

Out to Play £23 by Boys&Girls

Sleepytime Tales £15

La La Land Poster £35

Stripes Creature £12

And tomorrow on Tuesday Burp! Boutique is having 20% of everything. Not to be missed! Visit Burp! Boutique on and quote LOVELYSPRING at the check out to receive 20% of your order!

20% of everything on 20th March!

Finnish Wooden Toys: Jukka & Hantverkar Lyan

16 Mar

When expecting MiniMoose I almost swore that we would have exclusively wooden toys in our house. The reality, however, has shown that a mixture of both wooden and plastic toys works the best for us. My favourties though are the wooden toys. We’ve got mainly wooden toys by Swedish Brio, Ikea, and Finnish Hantverkar Lyan. Hantverkar Lyan is new to me and I’ve only got to know it now with MiniMoose, Jukka toys, however, I remember from my childhood, especially the rocking horse, rolling seat and fortuna board game!

Jukka ABC blocks with numbers

Jukka Merry Go Round



Jukka toys are made in Finland of Finnish birch tree. Jukka toys is a family run company that was founded in 1923. They are known for high quality and safe materials. Jukka toys range from baby toys to toddlers’ furniture and board games. One of our wedding presents was their DIY Summer cottage in lieu of a real Finnish Summer cottage!

Jukka DIY Summer Cottage

Jukka Rocking Horse

Jukka Rolling Stool



Finnish Hantverkar Lyan was founded in 1991. As for Jukka toys, safe, high quality wooden toys are the key for Hantverkar Lyan. Their range consists of very funky vehicle toys that roll like a dream in MiniMoose’s testing. In addition the toys are designed so that they are ideal for small hands! I’ve been toying with the idea of getting these for Hei Moose!


Hant Verkarlyan T-Ford

Hantverkar Lyan Airplane

Hantverkar Lyan T-Ford Truck


Upcycling Crates and Pallets

9 Mar

I saw a crate dumped in our back lane the other day and I’m now slightly regretting that I didn’t take it. On Pinterest I see everyday funky pictures of how crates and pallets are upcycled and used as shelves, storage and tables! And oh do they look cool! I’m just not sure if I managed to create such a sleek look with our back alley rubbish!

The trick seems to be adding the wheels on and an optional lick of paint and the crates are ready to be used as tables or storage!

                                                                                                                            Source: via Annika on Pinterest

 Source: via Annika on Pinterest

Finnish Maternity Box

7 Mar

In Finland, mums receive a massive box filled with baby clothes and other baby goods for each baby. There is a cash alternative for €140 which some families take if they already have had the box. The cash however is quite far away from the real value of the pack.

Maternity Box Contents 2011

Finnish mums living abroad, like myself, can purchase this box for €274 + postage, which I was thinking about when expecting MiniMoose. I chose not to, since I decided to use the money for clothes which I really wanted.

Body Vest and Dungarees

The challenges with the maternity box are finding prints and colours that everyone would like. Therefore the colours and prints tend to be unisex – which is good, but a bit pale for my liking. For a free box of clothes though, you can’t really complain!

Lime Green Dungarees

The box is renewed annually and they are still handing out the box from 2011 – this apparently lasts till September, when the box for 2012 is finally rolled out.

Baby Beauty Care

The products and clothes in the box are manufactured in Finland, in order to support Finnish economy and employment which makes sense. The box is one of its kind worldwide and is safe from all cuts and austerity measures the government comes up with!

Sleeping bag/Duvet

KELA (Finnish National Insurance) who is responsible for the pack collects information about the popular items that usually are the body vests, overall for outdoors, and sleeping bag/duvet. With the annual renewals the pack is being developed and from 2000 the pack has included reusable nappies for instance.

For Outdoors

The box itself can be used as a baby bed and instead of fancy moses baskets etc. many Finns, myself included, have started their life by sleeping in this box, that is sturdy enough and comes with a suitable mattress!

The Box, also suitable for sleeping!

What do you think of this maternity box? See the whole list of products with pictures here.

The Tiny Universe

3 Mar

Oh the cuteness of these his and her’s baby suits for the first 12 months is almost too much! Have a grand mum’s birthday to attend or cousin’s christening? Swedish Tiny Universe makes the perfect clothing for baby year’s important moments. Complete with a black and red dresses with pearls and bows for girls and a black tie suit and a James Bond white tux for the stylish little men!

The tiny suit brings me memories of my MiniMoose about a year ago as he had a similar Suit romper/pyjama from Lindex. That suit was so much fun!

The Tiny Lady, €42

The Tiny Suit €42

The Tiny Red, €42

The Tiny Tux, €42

The Tiny Universe has a free international shipping at the moment!

Two C’s: Clouds & Circus

1 Mar

Trend Alert!  Fluffy Clouds and Crazy Circus prints are now everywhere in cool kids’ clothes. And what I have seen, Summer 2012 and AW 2012 collections will have even more circus and cloud prints!

At Hei Moose, we’ve got clouds and circus by Swedish Lush Label JNY colourful kids/JNY Design, and they are going fast. Elsewhere, for example Gunila Axen (available from Nordic Kids), Villervalla and Me & I have clouds. Misha Lulu has a stunning funky circus dress that I found on Pinterest.

Nordic Clouds:

Clouds Top, Hei Moose £18.90

Clouds, Gunila Axen

Clouds Body Vest, Me&I, £19

Clouds Overall £20, Body Vest £19, Me&I

Villervalla T-Shirt


Circus Body Vest, Hei Moose £17.90

Smafolk Circus Body Vest £16.99, Barnyardkids

Source: via Annika on Pinterest