Finnish Lush Labels: Vallila Interior

28 Mar

I’m in Finland at the moment and of course I’m drinking Jaffa here. Jaffa is a legendary Finnish fizzy drink like Fanta, just that it is nicer and as the legend goes the yellow Jaffa cures upset stomachs and even nasty hangovers. That’s no news though, what is news is that Finnish Design company Vallila Interior‘s Jaffa fabrics seem to be now everywhere.

Jaffa Print by Vallila

Therefore I had to take a closer look and I discovered more beautiful textiles and interiors materials from cushions to wall papers. And Vallila interiors doesn’t stop there, they also offer interior design services and have many famous Finnish spaces under their belt, such as the funky GLO Hotel in the middle of Helsinki. Vallila Interiors have been awarded the key flag symbol for its Finnish designs.

Merituuli Ready Made Curtain by Vallila

My favourites of their collections are obvioulsy the Jaffa fabrics but also the fabrics that feature beautiful Finnish nature and buildings from  my home town Helsinki!

Bulevardi (Helsinki) fabric by Vallila

Tähtitorni (Helsinki) fabric

Pääskylä Ready Made Curtain

Vallila fabrics have recently become available in the UK too at the All Modern online shop and they seem to have free delivery on Vallila products.

Jaffa Cushion Cover

Top 10 Shower Curtain



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