Finnish Classic Bike: JoPo

31 Mar

Last Summer in Finland I had a flash back from the 80’s. The very basic JoPo from the 80’s seemed to be either parked at every corner or someone was just riding a JoPo past me.

Green JoPo Finnish Design Shop

I remember JoPo bikes from the 80’s. My mum had a blue JoPo and I got lifts on JoPo too.  JoPos were very basic back in those days and nothing special – at least in my opinion. With no gears and 24″ wheels there was nothing exciting about them. At some point, unfortunately, our blue JoPo was stolen and I forgot about them. Until last Summer when I saw upgraded funky JoPos everywhere and started to want and most importantly need one too. There are JoPos for children too!

Yellow JoPo, Urban Bike Store

JoPos manufacturer, Finnish company Helkama relaunched “EveryMan’s” bikes aka “Jokamiehen Pyora” in 2000 again and they have been hugely popular. With easily adjustable seat and handlebar every man and woman can ride a JoPo. Available in many funky colours the JoPos have certain retro look and appeal and trendy young Finns love to be seen with their JoPos out and about.

Children's JoPo

JoPos have been even given as wedding presents, and when an old friend of mine moved to Geneva few years ago, his wife started her own mumpreneur shop, Urban Bike Store, importing and selling JoPos to the Swiss!

EveryMan's Bike, JoPo, Urban Bike Store

Unfortunately there are no JoPo shops in the UK at the moment but Finnish Design Shop sells them for €419. And obviously there is Riikka’s online shop in Geneva too!


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