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Hot New Shop: POP the fashion Store

26 Apr

Finnish mum of 3, Kaisa Larkas has just launched POP The Fashion Store. This shop is totally hot: only opened this week near London and soon going online – already creating buzz on Facebook and Twitter!

POP is full of funky independent labels, including Finnish Lumi, Finsk, Minna Hepburn, Poola Kataryna and R/H and Swedish Cecilia Hammarborg.

We’re loving:

Aura shirt by Nurmi £85

Skin by Finsk £287

POP the Fashion Store also stocks those uber cool Elkin skull bracelets that have already been seen in Grazia, Vogue and The Telegraph!

Skull Bracelet £40


Visit the store in Olney, Milton Keynes, or online on popfashionstore

Cinnamon Buns

25 Apr

Enough said in the title –  todayI dug out my old cooking book from the school I decided to bake some good old Scandi cinnamon buns.

Apologies the recipe uses deciliters – a usual baking measurement in Finland – according to my book one dl is approximately 65 grams of flour or 100 ml of milk.

Dough (generally for Pulla):

 2 dl milk

25 g yeast (I used 1 sachet of dried yeast)

1 egg

3/4 teaspoons salt

3/4 dl sugar

1-2 teaspoons of ground cardamom

5-6 dl flour

75 g of margarine or 1/2 oil

If using cardamom pods like me, split them and crush the seeds inside. Without any fancy equipment, I just used the rolling pin to do this task

1. Add yeast to warm milk OR if using dried yeast add the yeast to flour

2. Mix (by wooden spoon) the egg,  half of the flour, salt, sugar, cardamom with the warm milk. Mix vigorously. Add the rest of the flour and mix by hand.

3. Add soft margarine OR oil

4. Knead the dough until it doesn’t stick to your hands anymore (add flour if necessary).

5. Leave the dough to rest and double its size in a warm place (confession: my dough wasn’t doubled when I used it…)

Cinnamon buns:

In addition to the dough you will need

30 g butter

~1/2 dl sugar

1-2 tbls cinnamon

1 egg needed to brush onto the buns

6. With a rolling pin roll out the dough to a square (the dough approx. 0.5 cm thick)

7. Soften the butter (I did that between my fingers). Spread the butter on to the dough and sprinkle sugar and cinnamon on top of that

8. Roll the dough and cut into pieces (in zig zag style).

9. With both of your little fingers press down the dough on the thinnest part of the dough

9. Brush the buns with a (mixed) egg and sprinkle sugar on top (no sugar here though)

10. Bake in 225 C (~ gas 8) for about 10 minutes until golden brown.

H&M Home

19 Apr

Whilst in Finland I finally had a chance to take a quick look at H&M Home collection in a shop. H&M Home mainly covers kitchen, bedroom and bathroom items. Luckily H&M Home collection is also online so no worries if your local H&M doesn’t stock the collection.  True to H&M the style seems to be fresh and this season they also have a pinch of French classiness as well! In addition the prices are affordable to say the least. Me likey.

Linen Cushion Cover £12.99

Storage Basket £9.99

Linen Apron £14.99

Tea Towel £3.99

Linen Throw £34.99

Candle £4.99

Paper Napkins £1.50


Spring Into Summer at Hei Moose

18 Apr

Over at my Hei Moose, we’ve had lots of Spring deliveries from Sweden and Denmark in the last couple of days.

The highlights of  Swedish Geggamoja‘s Spring collection were ruffle details and stripes! The delivery brought us cool stripey body suits for babies and t-shirts for girls. In addition we got the most beautiful marine blue dress for all the little fashionista girls!

Geggamoja Stripey Body Suit £17.90

Geggamoja Ruffle T-Shirt £19.90

Geggamoja Ruffle Dress £29.90

From the latest delivery from Danish Name It we received some very cool trousers with removable braces for boys! These have been very well received in the social media!

Name It Trousers with Braces £24

Name It Trousers with Braces £24

The colour splash came from Znok Design and JNY Design. Hei Moose is the only UK clothes stockist for both Znok and JNY and we are very excited about the clouds print by JNY and Summer print by Znok!

Znok Design Summer Romper £19.90

Znok Design Summer Tunic £20.90

JNY Design Clouds Romper £21.90

JNY Design Clouds Romper £21.90

Design District Find: Denim Shirt

7 Apr

The other day, I had a quick drink in the good old 9 Bar in the Helsinki Design Destrict.

Bar 9

Pleased to notice that pretty much nothing had changed in 10 years I spotted a shirt trend: boyfriend oversized denim shirt preferably tucked into trousers. I started to look around and immediately spotted at least 4 trendy Helsinki ladies wearing these with red lipstick.

Oversized Denim Shirt £34 Topshop

Clearly I don’t get out too much, so this might be something that is so last year. On the other hand at least Topshop stocks these in the UK.

Men's Denim Shirt €69 COS