More Finnish Finds!

12 May

It’s about time I mention these lovely Finnish labels who all design funky prints, textiles, fabrics and/or posters!

Saana ja Olli is a new company to me, but I’m already in love with their beautiful Finnish textiles and I totally need the Dynamo tea towel of their Turku collection, as I used to study in Turku and went to this club ‘a couple of times’. Their other textiles include the magical ‘Night in the Forrest’ featuring foxes, squirrels etc.

Dynamo by Saana ja Olli

Night in the Forrest by Saana ja Olli

I came across PaaPii Design over a year ago and wanted it in my shop immediately! The PaaPii soft toy creatures have attracted lots of attention in my shop and who wouldn’t love these quirky toys. PaaPii Design also designs posters and cards!

Kilikatti Rattle £17.90 Hei Moose

Through PaaPii Design I was also introduced to the fabulous MajaPuu Design whose prints, posters and cards are totally lush.

Source: via Annika on Pinterest


It was again PaaPii Design, this time through Pinterest, that introduced me to the colourful Polkka Jam, who make quirky prints, posters, cards, tea towels etc.


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