I’m Annika, 30-something Finnish mum living in North East England, but originally I’m from Helsinki, Finland.

Mainly I run after my 18-month-old son, MiniMoose and whilst he is sleeping I run my own online shop Hei Moose that sells cool Nordic designed Baby & Children’s clothes.

I’ve been playing with the thought of having a blog for a while and here I am now ready to see how it goes.

I aim to write about cool Scandi things, children, shopping, running my shop, cool finds etc. We’ll see where this blog takes us.

My favourite things are chocolate (lindt red), lazy mornings (in the past now) and Sex and the City DVDs.

Since I’m a Finn, I’m going to have to pardon my English since these posts are hardly edited and probably written in a rush before the baby wakes up…


One Response to “About”

  1. Iseult July 9, 2012 at 6:26 pm #

    Hi Annika,
    I am part of the Dublin Design Collective who are representing Ireland in the Everyday Discoveries exhibition in Helsinki in September as part of the World Design Capital programme. I recently came across your blog and thought it was fantastic. would you like to take part in our exhibition? We have done a short survey about the city here; http://dublindesigncollective.ie/hel/



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