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H&M Rainforest Shower Curtains

4 Mar

This is not exactly a come back post, however I’ll write it anyway. Instead of closing down the curtain permanently to this blog I’m trying to reopen it – to some extent at least.

A couple of busy years have passed since my last post, and cannot promise any frequent updates, but I am very pleased that I remembered my password when I thought about this blog today.

H&M Rain Forest Shower Curtain H&M Rain Forest Shower Curtain

The updated Finnish maternity box is now out and that brought me back here (wrote about it back in 2012). Since then a lot has happened in my personal life but to cut the story short here I am waiting for a good old H&M delivery as I ordered their gorgeous rainforest shower curtains few days ago. I also signed up to their newsletter to enjoy an extra 20% off the price and free delivery.

It seems that not all of my house plants made it through the winter but these curtains are sure to add some green and forest like feel to any bath room!

H&M Rainforest Shower Curtain H&M Rainforest Shower Curtain


Winter Clothes for Boys

28 Oct

Seeing as it is already snowing in the UK (and Finland) it was time to rush into the shops – including my own – to get MiniMoose sorted for the freezing conditions! Hatwise, we started from my moose…

Duns Sweden £14

Duns Sweden £14

Maxomorra £7.90

Maxomorra £7.90

For outdoor clothes, we head straight to PO.P

Wind & Water Proof Coat £65

Waterproof Suit £79

Another must destination for quality winter wear is Villervalla at Impkids!

Dots & Stars Baby Winter Overall £39.95

Padded Waterproof Winter Overall £78.95

Waterproof Padded Wintercoat £60.95


For shoes, we love Molo’s wellies and gloves at Nordic Kids.

Molo Rainbow Sejer Wellies £24.99

Molo £22.50

And whilst at it, we do love Molo’s snowboots and fleece at Kidsen:

Molo £29.95

Molo Driven Snowboots £29.95

Pin It To Win It

12 Sep

Blowing my own trumpet here a bit, but we are very excited to announce our Pinterest competition together with the burp! boutique, which the lovely Nat from the Bambino Goodies will help us to judge! You can win £100 shopping voucher to spend (50/50) at Hei Moose and burb! boutique – see above how to enter!

Our example Cosy Autumn board on Pinterest is here

Hei Moose on Pinterest

Burp! boutique on Pinterest

Please submit your entries to the burp! boutique blog that is here.

Any questions, just email us!

Lundby Dolls House

23 Aug

These are the dolls houses that I remember from the 80s! Dating back to the 40s in fact, Swedish Lundby dolls houses are still very hip and happening. They were the first dolls houses to come with lights and their range of accessories is endless and very modern these days to say the least. The most popular type of a house has been the Gothenburg that was discontinued in 2006 and its updated version is known as Smaland nowadays. The other models are called Stockholm and Gotland, Stockholm being very modern and Gotland the country cottage.

Smaland Dolls House

Stockholm dolls house

Gotland dolls house

Lundby’s dolls houses are also ideal for some DIY action, especially if you have an old, a bit tired house, as the wallpapers are quickly updated with some cool wrapping paper or wall paper left overs – every room with a different type of course.

Lundby Bed Room Set

Lundby dolls houses and accessories can be found for example at Kidsen or on ebay!

There is also a downloadable Lundby lifestyle magazine for dolls house inspiration on Lundby’s home page.

Pram Curtains

10 Jun

When I had MiniMoose a couple of years ago I saw lots of muslin squares pegged on prams in Finland to give babies some privacy for a nap or protect them from snow/wind/mosquitoes/sun. I bought a mega pack of cool Name It muslin squares and pegged them on MiniMoose’s carriage to my husband’s terror.

These days, there is a more stylish solution available in the form of a pram curtain and the Finns seem to love them! One of the most popular pram curtain brands is Swedish Kurtis Baby Peace that is available from many web shops.

Kurtis Baby Peace Engine

These curtains not only offer a funky design but also protection from sun, are made 100% organic cotton and are universally designed to fit most prams and car seats. They are quickly attached with plastic rings and leave no marks on the hood. The curtain can be moved aside or flipped back to ensure easy access.

Kurtis Baby Peace Jungle

The lovely Swedish Teddykompaniet makes The Original Dooky curtains with adjustable height.

The Original Dooky

In addition I’ve seen different styles and I especially loved a stunning crocheted pram curtain in Helsinki, but haven’t managed to find it online.

Smafolk Nursing Pillow

7 Jun

Hot Hot Hot! Danish Smafolk’s brand new nursing pillows fall to the ‘Need’ category for expectant mums. There are various colours available and since we found it exceptionally difficult to choose a colour from all the lush alternatives we went for the multicoloured apples at Hei Moose. Mr Moose has also confirmed that these are c-o-o-l.

Smafolk Nursing Pillow

Available either with a pillow and cover (the ones we have at Hei Moose) or just a cover (you’ll need to google them) these pillows provide support to find a good position for breastfeeding. When breastfeeding MiniMoose ages ago I also found myself using my nursing pillow back then for sleeping, as a pillow for travelling in a car, MiniMoose’s pillow support for the floor etc etc.

These pillows aren’t the cheapest at the market – RRP at around £59.90 but they are the funkiest breastfeeding pillows I’ve seen for a while!

Aino & Reino

28 May

This post is totally inappropriate for this hot weather… But we Finns absolutely adore these slippers! Worn by grannies (Aino) and grandpas (Reino) in our childhood these traditional Finnish slippers have seen a new coming in the past few years and are now more popular than ever before – and they are not exclusive to the seniors anymore! First Ainos were made in 1930 and Reinos followed two years later and their names are traditional old proper Finnish names.

Aino Slippers €39.90

These slippers are comfy and warm and most importantly happy! There are new colours available these days and sizes for children too.  It looks like my favorite red Aino is currently unavailable – most likely sold out.

Reino Slippers €29.90

Baby Reino in Pink €39.90

Baby Reino €39.90

Happiness starts from warm feet! also delivers abroad, contact them for prices. Reino blog can be found here

Finnish Design Shops

16 May

To round off the recent posts about Finnish design, there are a couple of shops worth visiting if you’re interested in this kind of stuff.

First one – Suomi PRKL Design –  is opening soon in Reykjavik, Iceland.  Their Facebook page looks very promising and the shop will stock everything from Moomin mugs, to rag rugs and JoPo bikes!

Kaksitva via Suomi PRKL Design

I’m totally loving these Kaksitva creatures – check out also Kaksitva’s own website for more!

Kaksitva skulls

Kaksitva is also taking part in the Northern Oddities pop up event that showcases the eccentric Finnish Design and lifestyle in NYC from tomorrow 17th May until 28th May and is housed by Ivana Helsinki.

Which brings me to the other shopping destination that is online – phew!! The Design Shop Outlet stocks a wide selection of all things Finnish including the brands taking part in Northern Oddities.

My instant Design Shop Outlet favourites are the Moomin Mobile -40% (bonus!) and soft toys/pillows by Johanna Kunelius.

Moomin Mobile, Design Shop Outlet

Lady Di by Johanna Kunelius, Design Shop Outlet

And for tomorrow morning – Kahvi Kaunistaa (=coffee makes you beautiful), by Milla Risku.

Maija Louekari

13 May

Maija Louekari is a young Finnish designer whose design appear for example in Marimekko’s collections. Her works include illustrations, textile prints, general designs and prints for clothing. Her website is full of stunning examples of her work, worth a visit!


Of Maija’s Marimekko works the Kippis design and In good company have been my favourties for a while. Seeing her website has also made me a huge fan of her illustrations!

Source: via Annika on Pinterest

Source: via Annika on Pinterest

More Finnish Finds!

12 May

It’s about time I mention these lovely Finnish labels who all design funky prints, textiles, fabrics and/or posters!

Saana ja Olli is a new company to me, but I’m already in love with their beautiful Finnish textiles and I totally need the Dynamo tea towel of their Turku collection, as I used to study in Turku and went to this club ‘a couple of times’. Their other textiles include the magical ‘Night in the Forrest’ featuring foxes, squirrels etc.

Dynamo by Saana ja Olli

Night in the Forrest by Saana ja Olli

I came across PaaPii Design over a year ago and wanted it in my shop immediately! The PaaPii soft toy creatures have attracted lots of attention in my shop and who wouldn’t love these quirky toys. PaaPii Design also designs posters and cards!

Kilikatti Rattle £17.90 Hei Moose

Through PaaPii Design I was also introduced to the fabulous MajaPuu Design whose prints, posters and cards are totally lush.

Source: via Annika on Pinterest


It was again PaaPii Design, this time through Pinterest, that introduced me to the colourful Polkka Jam, who make quirky prints, posters, cards, tea towels etc.