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18 May

This house is starting to remind me of a Brio palace. Slowly but surely traditional Swedish Brio products from cotbeds to different sized dachshunds have found their way under our roof. And I’m not complaining, the more Brio the better – I love the simple design and clear colours!


In the Nordic countries Brio is a household name and their car seats and prams along their traditional wooden toys and train tracks are very popular. We would next need the Brio Stove (although I used the box of the large dachshund to make a hob on my own!)

Brio Stove

Walk On – MiniMoose recommends

In our house the most pop Brio products at the moment are the walker, cot bed and dachshund. The Brio Sleep cot bed is particularly handy as it has two levels as a cot and the front panel can be removed and later the whole bed can be turned into a junior bed! We have ours in natural wooden colour and 2 years ago Brio had other colours available too. In addition I have my eyes on the Sitty pushchair – it is a good old classic and still looks cool! Oh and the

Brio Sleep cotbed 3 in 1

Brio Go

Brio Sitty – The 30-year-old classic

Brio is easily available from many UK online retailers, including amazon and ebay.

Check Brio’s site out for kids’ activities including colouring sheets. Visit Brio here for all of their products.


MiniMoose Lives Here

19 Feb

MiniMoose kindly opened the door to his room and was happy to show us around! The room used to be our office/storage and last Summer the floor boards were painted white and MiniMoose moved in with his cotbed. In true Scandi style most of his things are either Brio (bed, toys) or Ikea (drawer unit, rugs, book case), we have also brought back a suitcase full of Finnish books (some of them translated from Swedish) and toys.

Not so Nordic Toys:


Steiff Teds from Grand dad Moose

Nordic Books and Cars:

Finnish Wooden Car Toys - On Hei Moose Wish List!

Books that I remember from my childhood!