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Moomin Advent Calendar 2013

28 Oct

I’m repeating myself a little bit here, especially as I haven’t updated this blog for a year, BUT the Moomin Advent Calendar 2013 by Martinex is now out. I’m very tempted this year as the calendar is suitable for kids aged 3-8 years. I do think £20-£30 is quite a lot for a calendar, but my moomin hobby has never been kind to my purse. This image is from Lekmer, but after a quick browse I found the calendar available on Ebay too…

Muumi, Joulukalenteri, 2013

Another great and similar Scandi calendar option is the Lego calendar, although they seem to have boys’  and girls’ calendars separately (image from Lekmer) and they are aimed from a bit older kids from 5 years.

LEGO City, Joulukalenteri 2013

Moomin Advent Calendar 2012

22 Oct

Obviously not supposed to be talking about Christmas yet, but I just came across this Moomin Advent Calendar that is very difficult to resist for us Moomin fans! With 24 doors to open and various Moomin figures to discover, this is definitely a better option to any chocolate calendars. And why 24 doors? Christmas is celebrated on the 24th of December in Finland!

The Moomin advent calendar is available from the Iceland based Suomi PRKL shop, and probably from other retailers too.