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Pram Curtains

10 Jun

When I had MiniMoose a couple of years ago I saw lots of muslin squares pegged on prams in Finland to give babies some privacy for a nap or protect them from snow/wind/mosquitoes/sun. I bought a mega pack of cool Name It muslin squares and pegged them on MiniMoose’s carriage to my husband’s terror.

These days, there is a more stylish solution available in the form of a pram curtain and the Finns seem to love them! One of the most popular pram curtain brands is Swedish Kurtis Baby Peace that is available from many web shops.

Kurtis Baby Peace Engine

These curtains not only offer a funky design but also protection from sun, are made 100% organic cotton and are universally designed to fit most prams and car seats. They are quickly attached with plastic rings and leave no marks on the hood. The curtain can be moved aside or flipped back to ensure easy access.

Kurtis Baby Peace Jungle

The lovely Swedish Teddykompaniet makes The Original Dooky curtains with adjustable height.

The Original Dooky

In addition I’ve seen different styles and I especially loved a stunning¬†crocheted pram curtain in Helsinki, but haven’t managed to find it online.