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Sephora Crayon à Sourcils

5 Feb

If you are a Nordic person that they call ‘a dark blonde’ in Italy like me, this Crayon à Sourcils eyebrow pencil is perfect! I’ve got light brown hair but my eyebrows are thin, all over the place, see through colour, albino like and generally just horrible. I can’t do what is usually recommended in all magazines, i.e. just fill the gaps with an eyebrow pencil, I actually have to do the whole thing.

So, this eyebrow pencil has been my best find at Sephora so far, and on every trip to any country that sells Sephora (i.e. not Finland or the UK, my usual destinations) I have to stock up on these.

The pen is perfect – not too hard or soft, colour is natural and comes in too shades (blond or brun – blonde or brown). There is also a brush on the lid. Price is attractive too, only €7.50!

PS. When I had my wedding make up done by a Dior make up artist few years ago, I think she mentioned that Dior’s brushes are by Sephora. Is this an urban legend or true, I’m not sure, but I love them both, Sephora and Dior!