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Body Vest Extenders

13 Feb

In Nordic countries baby body vests are very popular. The combination of a body vest and trousers is very common and many shops stock more body vests than romper suits. What I’ve noticed over here in the UK is though that the romper suits are more popular and body vests are likely to be used as underwear under other clothes.

Zebra Body Vest £20 burb! boutique

Ocean Body Vest £17.90 Hei Moose

Personally I find body vests very practical, as they stay put and are therefore snug, besides they also allow easy nappy changing.

As babies grow very quickly these body vest extenders come handy! They are attached to the poppers between legs and make the body vest longer. They are especially handy if you use cloth nappies that take more space than disposables.

I got mine from Fill Your Pants. They have both white and unbleached extenders available, 3 for £5.95. You can also find other retailers by googling ‘vest extenders’.

These extenders fit many different brands, however not all. For the ones they don’t fit, it tend only button up the middle popper to make the nice ones last longer ;o)