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Finnish Maternity Box

7 Mar

In Finland, mums receive a massive box filled with baby clothes and other baby goods for each baby. There is a cash alternative for €140 which some families take if they already have had the box. The cash however is quite far away from the real value of the pack.

Maternity Box Contents 2011

Finnish mums living abroad, like myself, can purchase this box for €274 + postage, which I was thinking about when expecting MiniMoose. I chose not to, since I decided to use the money for clothes which I really wanted.

Body Vest and Dungarees

The challenges with the maternity box are finding prints and colours that everyone would like. Therefore the colours and prints tend to be unisex – which is good, but a bit pale for my liking. For a free box of clothes though, you can’t really complain!

Lime Green Dungarees

The box is renewed annually and they are still handing out the box from 2011 – this apparently lasts till September, when the box for 2012 is finally rolled out.

Baby Beauty Care

The products and clothes in the box are manufactured in Finland, in order to support Finnish economy and employment which makes sense. The box is one of its kind worldwide and is safe from all cuts and austerity measures the government comes up with!

Sleeping bag/Duvet

KELA (Finnish National Insurance) who is responsible for the pack collects information about the popular items that usually are the body vests, overall for outdoors, and sleeping bag/duvet. With the annual renewals the pack is being developed and from 2000 the pack has included reusable nappies for instance.

For Outdoors

The box itself can be used as a baby bed and instead of fancy moses baskets etc. many Finns, myself included, have started their life by sleeping in this box, that is sturdy enough and comes with a suitable mattress!

The Box, also suitable for sleeping!

What do you think of this maternity box? See the whole list of products with pictures here.