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Finnish Wooden Toys: Jukka & Hantverkar Lyan

16 Mar

When expecting MiniMoose I almost swore that we would have exclusively wooden toys in our house. The reality, however, has shown that a mixture of both wooden and plastic toys works the best for us. My favourties though are the wooden toys. We’ve got mainly wooden toys by Swedish Brio, Ikea, and Finnish Hantverkar Lyan. Hantverkar Lyan is new to me and I’ve only got to know it now with MiniMoose, Jukka toys, however, I remember from my childhood, especially the rocking horse, rolling seat and fortuna board game!

Jukka ABC blocks with numbers

Jukka Merry Go Round



Jukka toys are made in Finland of Finnish birch tree. Jukka toys is a family run company that was founded in 1923. They are known for high quality and safe materials. Jukka toys range from baby toys to toddlers’ furniture and board games. One of our wedding presents was their DIY Summer cottage in lieu of a real Finnish Summer cottage!

Jukka DIY Summer Cottage

Jukka Rocking Horse

Jukka Rolling Stool



Finnish Hantverkar Lyan was founded in 1991. As for Jukka toys, safe, high quality wooden toys are the key for Hantverkar Lyan. Their range consists of very funky vehicle toys that roll like a dream in MiniMoose’s testing. In addition the toys are designed so that they are ideal for small hands! I’ve been toying with the idea of getting these for Hei Moose!


Hant Verkarlyan T-Ford

Hantverkar Lyan Airplane

Hantverkar Lyan T-Ford Truck