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Woolen Socks

4 Feb

My mum, grand mum, and a mum of a friend all love knitting! When I was pregnant with MiniMoose my nesting instincts also got me into knitting and I managed to produce a blanket for him, i.e a massive err own glove (I don’t know the exact word in English…)

Therefore maybe it’s not surprising that our family of Moose shan’t run out of knitted socks for the next 10 years! But the good thing is, I love knitted socks – can never have too many! Especially in our drafty house, I actually wouldn’t survive without woolen socks – I even sleep wearing them (to MrMoose’s great pleasure). Besides, MrMoose wears knitted socks too and even took a pair with him when he came to see us and my purple cast in the middle of last Summer (that was hot in Finland by the way).

Since my mum can’t stop knitting, and she has knitted for hospitals and charity too, we have also lots of little knitted socks! MiniMoose used to wear them as a baby, but these days knitted socks for him go to his (Mickey Mouse) wellies! Knitted socks are perfect to make wellies more comfy and warmer! Otherwise indoors he runs around in moccasins!

I’m trying to find you a pic of some of the socks but at he moment it’s proving to be  i m p o s s i b l e…