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Finnish Label Love: Marimekko

15 Feb

Marimekko is one of the most colourful and most loved Finnish Brands that is known worldwide. Founded in the 50’s by Armi Ratia, the bold prints and striking designs are still very modern and loved by most Finns. Marimekko’s fabrics are probably their best known articles but in addition to the fabrics and garments Marimekko also makes glass wear for instance.¬†Marimekko’s ‘unikko’ ie poppy print patterns are probably Marimekko’s best known print and they are featured in many chairs, pieces of clothing, curtains etc – even in one of the Sex And The City episodes! ¬†The latest addition to the list is Fatboy beanbag, which we were lucky enough to get as a Christmas present!

Marimekko Unikko

I’ve grown to really like Marimekko whilst living abroad, and I’ve started to collect Mariskool i.e Maribowls. I’m planning to get us Marimekko curtains and a table cloth, and seem to stock up on Marimekko napkins when in Finland. Luckily Mr Moose also seems to like Marimekko and he’s got MiniMoose Marimekko bibs and socks, and for me Marimekko Oiva teapot and cups for instance.

Marimekko Oiva Teapot

My first memory of Marimekko is however, when my primary school teacher wore Marimekko’s crazy prints. Later on my friends had Marimekko purses, make up bags etc. and I wanted to have Marimekko’s stripy make up tote too. The Marimekko fever, as said, really hit me once living abroad – sometimes you have to go far to see near!

Marimekko 'In a Good Company'

Marimekko’s shops are also always worth a visit. They have recently relocated their flagship shop in Helsinki, Finland and also launched their New York store. Next, Marimekko is opening several stores in China. This year Marimekko also celebrates Helsinki World Design Capital Event with many special products. They also have an interactive Helsinki map on their home page!

Marimekko Helsinki Map