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Rag Rugs

12 Feb

My husband, Mr Moose, recently painted our floor boards white and since then we’ve dug our various rag rugs out and started to look even for more! We’ve used them because they are inexpensive and look quite funky on our white floors. And now I’ve read it now from various sources, including the Finnish style blog Sisustusblogi¬†that rag rugs are hot!

This is¬†particularly funny, because I’ve grown up surrounded by them, obviously not appreciating how cool they’d be in the future. My grand mum’s friend used to make them from old clothes and my granny even had different rugs for Summer so that we could run in and out and not to care about the rugs! Also my mum and her sisters used to spot their old clothes in the rugs and tell stories about them. And now my husband wants to cover our house in rag rugs – what you leave in the past you’ll find in the future!

Rag Rug (pic from sisustusblogi.fi)

Rag Rug (pic from sunnysblog.typepad.com)


3 Feb

One more post before I go to bed…

A couple of weeks ago I finally joined Pinterest. I was actually adding Fancy, Tumblr and Pinterest buttons to my shop when I decided to try it myself and got immediately hooked.

I spent the next few days pinning things and getting addicted to other people’s pinnings. It is just so easily done, even if you aren’t that techy like me.

So far I’ve pinned my favourite Nordic design and interiors images, food pictures (big mistake, get far too hungry when looking at them) and some children’s things. Obviously it’s an ongoing process, so my pinterest page is far from finished. But take a look if you’d like to get to know me better! If someone needs a pinterest invite, let me know, since for pinterest account you currently require an invite, although you can browse the pictures without one.