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Winter Clothes for Boys

28 Oct

Seeing as it is already snowing in the UK (and Finland) it was time to rush into the shops – including my own – to get MiniMoose sorted for the freezing conditions! Hatwise, we started from my moose…

Duns Sweden £14

Duns Sweden £14

Maxomorra £7.90

Maxomorra £7.90

For outdoor clothes, we head straight to PO.P

Wind & Water Proof Coat £65

Waterproof Suit £79

Another must destination for quality winter wear is Villervalla at Impkids!

Dots & Stars Baby Winter Overall £39.95

Padded Waterproof Winter Overall £78.95

Waterproof Padded Wintercoat £60.95


For shoes, we love Molo’s wellies and gloves at Nordic Kids.

Molo Rainbow Sejer Wellies £24.99

Molo £22.50

And whilst at it, we do love Molo’s snowboots and fleece at Kidsen:

Molo £29.95

Molo Driven Snowboots £29.95

Villervalla at Hei Moose

8 May

Yes, I’m far too excited to write a proper post about this, but a few weeks ago Hei Moose got contacted by 3 lush labels in a one day (within an hour to be precise) which lead to our first Villervalla order! Impkids, who previously was the exclusive UK stockist for Villervalla is now their distributor as well and we had the chance to order current season clothes! As you may remember I earlier wrote about how I wanted to have Villervalla when I set up Hei Moose. So now when the opportunity arrive, we didn’t hesitate to get in some bold stripes and fruits! See our Villervalla collection here

Watermelon Body Vest £13.95

Villervalla Apple T-Shirt £13.95

Green Canvas Star Shorts £16.95

Villervalla Multistriped Leggings £14.95

Two C’s: Clouds & Circus

1 Mar

Trend Alert!  Fluffy Clouds and Crazy Circus prints are now everywhere in cool kids’ clothes. And what I have seen, Summer 2012 and AW 2012 collections will have even more circus and cloud prints!

At Hei Moose, we’ve got clouds and circus by Swedish Lush Label JNY colourful kids/JNY Design, and they are going fast. Elsewhere, for example Gunila Axen (available from Nordic Kids), Villervalla and Me & I have clouds. Misha Lulu has a stunning funky circus dress that I found on Pinterest.

Nordic Clouds:

Clouds Top, Hei Moose £18.90

Clouds, Gunila Axen

Clouds Body Vest, Me&I, £19

Clouds Overall £20, Body Vest £19, Me&I

Villervalla T-Shirt


Circus Body Vest, Hei Moose £17.90

Smafolk Circus Body Vest £16.99, Barnyardkids

Source: mylittlejules.com via Annika on Pinterest


12 Feb

Villervalla is another great Swedish brand that makes very cool outdoor clothes among other things. Their clothes are very colourful often featuring stripes or stars or similar patterns. Therefore it probably goes without saying that Villervalla is very popular in Finland and other Nordic countries.

When I was setting Hei Moose up I also had my eyes on Villervalla. In Finland though, the rumor is that Villervalla only licences one online retail at time. When I contacted Villervalla they were already in talks with other retailer to my disappointment.

Anyway, Villervalla’s colourful collection is available at Impkids in the UK. Of their outdoor clothes, check out these:

Villervalla Dots & Stars Baby Overall £26.95

Villervalla Dots & Stars Winter Jacket £28.50